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CHI becomes the first chinese shipyard in Memberane Type LNG carrier repairing.
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Since the government made the policy to build Green China, China’s natural gas consumption has been increasing significantly and became the second largest country of importing LNG in 2017. Consequently, the LNG transporting market is embracing a great opportunity for market growth.


To keep pace with market trends, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI), as the leading shipyard group in China, prepared themselves to provide ship repair and maintenance services to LNG carriers. In July 2018, the company welcomed the first repair project of the membrane type LNG carrier.


Built in 1993 and currently operated by a company in Singapore, LNG Lucia Ambition adopted GTT’s membrane containment system Mark III technology. The ship was planned to be dry-docked and repaired in 2018. To carry out her maintenance and cargo tank repairs, CHI actively arranged with the shipowner. Though CHI was a beginner to repair membrane type LNG carrier, the technical proposal after company’s great efforts had been finally approved by all parties and the contract was awarded to CHI’s subsidiary shipyard CHI (Guangdong). The ship has already started her repairs since she arrived at CHI Guangdong at the end of July. As of now, all repair work is proceeding as scheduled.


Among all types of ships in the market, the repair of LNG carriers and cruise ships have always represented the high-end level of ship repair and conversion since they have higher requirements for the shipyards in terms of HSE management, technical support, and quality control. The difficulty and importance of the membrane tank repairs are self-evident, reflected by simply four qualified companies in the world able to do it.


It was the first time that a Chinese ship company was awarded such a project to repair LNG Lucia Ambition Mark III membrane tank. The successful delivery of the ship will mark the milestone that CHI has stepped into repair field of LNG carriers, which will lay a solid foundation for the company's LNG carrier repair management, cryogenic equipment maintenance, as well as GTT membrane tank repairs, and will finally generate more potential clients for the market.

(Huang Bing at commercial headquarter of CHI)

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