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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) Co.,Ltd. made a new breakthrough in piping system
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Recently, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) Co.,Ltd. has made a new breakthrough in piping measurement and production system. The production process conforms to the standard requirements, the installation accuracy is accurate, and the one-time installation success rate is 100%.The system was jointly developed by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai Royal & Precise Shipbuilding Technology CO.,LTD

The existing piping system is mainly composed of measurement and production. The measurement system USES digital photogrammetry technology, which has high measurement accuracy and fills the gap in the current piping photogrammetry industry. Production system in the pipe processing workshop has a special tube equipment, easy to operate, high precision tube alignment. Compared with similar products on the market, this system has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry, simple to use, high measurement and production accuracy. After the system put into use, the single ship piping system is now in the process of build piping production had the very big change, instrument automation school tube, entirely replace the traditional artificial way school tube or copying homework, save a lot of artificial and materials, eliminating the traditional piping material under the mode of transportation and loading a lot of resources, such as, the piping from the production to the installation cycle than the traditional model to shorten about 5 days.

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