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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. delivered the fourth multi-purpose pulp ship
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On 20th September, the fourth 62K DWT multi-purpose pulp ship N1001 designed and built by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. was named and delivered 41 days ahead of schedule. This type of ship is the biggest pulp ship ever built and delivered by Chinese shipyard.

"Cosco shipping Zhuoyue" is equipped with 6 box-type cargo holds, with one hatch cover plate for each hold in 2-4 tanks, with good water tightness and suitable for paper pulp. The cargo holds are equipped with dehumidification system to ensure the quality requirements during transportation. The deck is equipped with 4 75T KGS cranes and up to 150T double lifting, which can meet the requirements of loading super long and overweight large equipment, suitable for high-speed railway trains, wind power equipment, large mechanical equipment and super long and overweight steel pipe pile structure. The ship has a green license, and the main engine and auxiliary engine are equipped with SCR system, which can neutralize the nitrogen oxide generated in the fuel oil discharge process and meet the highest requirements of the international convention on prevention of pollution from ships.

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