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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. successfully name and deliveried of the 10th 62K DWT multi-purpose pulp ship
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The COSCO SHIPPING Development second 62K DWT multi-purpose pulp ship, named N1007, was delivered by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. on Dec. 21th. This ship is the tenth series multi-purpose pulp ship delivered by CHI (Dalian), which will be operated by COSCO SHIPPING Specialized after delivery.

‘Cosco Shipping Honor’ is 201.8 meters long, 32.26 meters wide and 19.3 meters deep. It is hoisted under the Hong Kong flag and entered the China Classification Society. The ship is equipped with 6 cargo holds, 2-5 holds are one hatchcover plate for each hold, suitable for pulp, cargo holds are equipped with dehumidification system, to ensure the quality requirements in the process of transportation. The deck is equipped with 4 75T cranes, with double lifting up to 150T, which can meet the loading requirements of overlong and overweight large equipment, suitable for high-speed trains, wind power equipment, large mechanical equipment, and overlong and overweight steel pipe pile structure.

‘Cosco shipping Honor’ is COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. first intelligent ship certificates of multipurpose pulp ship, the intelligent system by intelligent integration platform, intelligent navigation, intelligent engine room and the efficiency of four parts, the intelligent navigation system by intelligent integration platform, detection alarm system, such as concentrated connected to the LAN system unified network environment, to build the data center of ship, to achieve the interconnection of the ship information, as well as the ship side with the shore data exchange.

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