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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. finished repairing project ‘HAITUNZUO’ three days ahead of schedule
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Recently, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. successfully completed all the repair job of the tanker ‘HAITUNZUO’, and achieved the good result of completing and setting sail three days ahead of schedule, which was highly praised by the ship owner and received a letter of thanks from the ship owner.

On the basis of learning and summarizing the repair experience of sister ship, the project team improved the construction process, optimized the hoisting tooling, and planned each construction link in advance. Through the efforts of the project team, the main projects, such as the transformation of the liquid control pipe of the cargo oil tank and the installation of the ballast water treatment system, can step on every progress node, and most of them can be completed in advance. All equipment and system debugging, all one-time application for inspection, save the cost and time limit.

COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. is efficient in repairing ships, striving for operating benefits for shipowners and building its own brand.

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