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Relying on 5G + industrial technology, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) Co.,Ltd. has successfully realized the 10-year special remote inspection of "renda" ship
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On May 19, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) Co.,Ltd. China classification society (CCS) and China mobile (CMCC) jointly applied "5G + industrial AR technology" and "close inspection of uav", successfully realizing the 10-year special inspection remote inspection of "renda" ship.

"Renda" ship belongs to COSCO SHIPPING BULK co., LTD., which is a 230K DWT ore carrier. The main project of this incoming ship involves the special inspection of the ship in 10 years and the newly installed ballast water treatment device. The remote inspection basis on ship cabin build 5 g communication, based on a cloud Face - Pro expert system platform, the front-end equipment (5 g phones cloud station, AR glasses, unmanned aerial vehicles) to the construction site in the first perspective. Face - Pro cloud platform of expert system for different customers such as owner, substituting, service engineer to provide based on PC, mobile phone terminal ports such as installation, installation is completed for the front-end equipment by expert communication mode can be realized the staff to do remote viewing, remote work instruction, remote test, long-range uavs view control and other related work.

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