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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. successfully delivered the electric self-supporting ocean exploration device "Haixing 3"
发布时间: 2020-07-23 分享到:

Recently, the "Haixing 3", an electric self-supporting ocean exploration device designed by the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research Center and built by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd., was successful delivered.

The "Haixing 3" is 3.5 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 8 meters deep. It is an electric self-supporting ocean detection device in the shape of a starfish. Through the main design of the sea star and the wave-absorbing floating body, the device realizes that the wave energy can be efficiently absorbed and converted into electric energy. Its shape and the stability design of the underwater attached body enable the device to run smoothly on the sea, and ensure that the solar panel on the top of the device can efficiently absorb solar energy and generate electricity in a stable Angle. By switching between the two clean energy sources for complementary power supply, the device can sustainably power the Marine instrument mounted on the device and connected to it. After application, the device can improve the survivability of the detection instrument and the attached device, enhance the long-term and continuous Marine exploration work ability, improve the stability and data acquisition rate of the instrument used for ocean exploration, and reduce the maintenance cost of the instrument, which is of great significance to the Marine construction.

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