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CHI Yangzhou Delivers the First 14100TEU Container Vessel and Receives a Letter of Appreciation from the Shipowner
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On November 27, the first 14100TEU series container ship "COSCO Shipping Brazil" (No. N1065) built by CHI Yangzhou.

This series of vessels is a new generation of safe, green, energy-saving and intelligent vessels jointly designed by CHI and MARIC, mainly serving the Far East to South America route. With an overall length of 335.9 meters, a beam of 51 meters, and a depth of 29.9 meters, the vessel can carry 14,100 standard containers and is equipped with advanced intelligent ship systems, the world's largest capacity class of permanent magnet axle generators, hidden bulbous bows, high-efficiency propellers, energy-saving conduits, automatic control system for cargo fans, low-pressure denitrification system (SCR), and desulphurization system, etc., and is capable of meeting the EEDI Phase III energy efficiency standards, as well as meeting the DNV's Energy Efficiency Standards and the DNV's energy efficiency requirements. It can meet the energy efficiency index of EEDI Phase III, and at the same time satisfy the notation requirements of DNVSMART (OPH,OPM,EEN) and CCSi-Ship (N,M,E,I), as well as the network security requirements of DNVCYBERSECURE.

On the same day of delivery, Yangzhou CHI received a letter of thanks, in which the shipowner fully affirmed the ship's operation status, technical performance, as well as the builder's tenet of customer first and serious and responsible attitude.