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World's First Training Ship Combining Remote Control and Autonomous Sailing in CHI (Dalian)
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On December 25, N1147, the world's first ship combining remote control, autonomous navigation and training, built by CHI (Dalian) for Dalian Maritime University, was successfully launched.

N1147 has an L*B*D size of 69.83m*10.9m*5m, a service speed of 17.5 knots and a displacement of 1430 dwt. It is propelled by two 1500kW double full electric pods and powered by three 1520kW diesel-electric units with a crew of 50. The ship can realize scientific research and teaching in class 4 sea state and return safely in class 6 sea state. Compared with conventional ships, the ship is equipped with an intelligent equipment laboratory and multimedia teaching room to meet research requirements and students' practical training. In addition, through the digital twin technology to realize the scene reconstruction, it can achieve the effect of virtual-reality fusion teaching and training, and has an advanced level of intelligent teaching.