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Naming of CHI (Dalian)'s Fifth 77,000-dwt Multipurpose Pulp Ship
发布时间: 2024-05-10 分享到:

On May 9, a naming ceremony was hold for GREEN PARANAGUA, a 77,000-dwt multipurpose pulp vessel built by CHI (Dalian) for PUBLIC BANK GOLDEN LEASE. This vessel is the fifth 77,000-dwt multipurpose pulp vessel built by CHI (Dalian).

The ship has an L*B*D size of 225.00 m*32.26 m*21m and a design speed of 15 knots. The ship's cargo hold is well sealed and dry, which can ensure the quality and safety of pulp cargo transportation. The cargo hold is highly adaptable and the ship has upgrade the "foldable frame for commercial vehicles" and added the "one-to-one" temperature monitoring and early warning system, which can safely transport new energy vehicles while safely transporting imported pulp in high quality and help the mass export of new energy vehicles from China. The ship can safely transport vehicles while safely carrying imported pulp with high quality, thus helping domestic new energy vehicles to sail in large quantities. In addition, the ship can also transport a variety of cargoes such as high-speed rail trains, wind power equipment, large machinery, and ultra-long and ultra-heavy steel pipe pile structures, etc.