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The world's shortest conversion cycle of the same type of ship with oil storage capacity of 1 million barrels of large-scale offshore oil and gas plant VLCC conversion FPSO named in CHI (Shanghai), which can reduce CO2 emission by 120,000 t
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In the afternoon of April 3, CHI (Shanghai), a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, undertook the naming of Yinson Bergenia Production B.V's VLCC conversion FPSO Maria Quiteria project.

Maria Quiteria (VLCC) is the first FPSO conversion project of repair, life extension, modification, full module lifting, integration and commissioning undertaken by CHI (Shanghai). The FPSO is equipped with exhaust gas heat steam power generation system, which adopts special high-pressure steam pipeline to collect and transmit the waste heat steam for power generation. It can greatly improves the efficiency of energy utilization and reduces carbon reduction to meet the demand of offshore operation supply. It is expected to reduce 120,000 tons of CO2 emission per year, which is equal to 5,000 acres of 460,000 broad-leaved trees.

The FPSO will be chartered by Petrobras, and is the first ship to undergo ANP inspection in a Chinese shipyard and pass the project within 5 days. After delivery, it will be directly towed to the Brazilian oil fields to carry out submarine fixation, pipeline connection and other oil production preparations, which is the world's shortest record of the conversion cycle for the same type of FPSO.

Maria Quiteria has an L*B*D size of 333.3 m*58 m* 31.25 m, and will be deployed in the Jubarte oil field in the northern part of the Campos Basin off the southeastern coast of Brazil, with a water depth of 1,400 meters, an oil storage capacity of 1 million barrels, and the ability to handle 100,000 barrels of oil and 1.77 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. It is scheduled to start operation in September this year.