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Completion and Delivery of the First EPC Project for Dual Fuel Conversion
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On January 4, 2024, COSCO SHIPPING Shipyard (Nantong) completed and delivered the large-scale dual-fuel conversion vessel ZhiCheng.

Built in 1978, ZhiCheng is a double-hulled container ship with a L*B size of 272.29 m*30.48 m, registered by ABS. The conversion project includes dismantling and rearranging from the engine room to the aft structure, all the pipelines and circuits of the engine room, etc., installing the new dual-fuel main engine, generator set, extra-long shafting system, FGSS system and other integrations. And converting the originally-built 13-capsule steam-propelled container ship into an 11-capsule dual-fuel GFS vessel which is mainly powered by liquid gas and supplemented by bunker fuel. The ship was converted from a 13-compartment steam-propelled container ship to an 11-compartment dual-fuel GFS ship.

As the first USCG-certified dual-fuel conversion project undertaken by COSCO SHIPPING Shipyard (Nantong), the company has concentrated its efforts on overcoming the problems one by one from the preparation of production technology to the organization of project implementation. After several static and dynamic calibrations under different environmental conditions and different technical states, a complete set of technical data was obtained, and the specification and classification society requirements were met.